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My 5 Favourite Success Hacks

5 success hacks you can implement in under 10 minutes, that will make a massive difference to your progress.

I ran a workshop this month on how to reset and focus for the year ahead.

Let's face it - 2020 didn't leave us bouncing into the new year with glee. So reset and focus felt a tad more gentle than the dreaded New Years Resolutions!

The workshop took members through 5 steps to get clear on their 2021 priorities (you can still download the workbook on the link below👇):

Step 1: The Celebration - recognising everything you have achieved this last year, and what you learned about yourself

Step 2: The Audit - taking stock of your life priorities right now, where you are spending your time/ energy, and what is most important to you

Step 3: The Vision - what do you want for yourself in one years time (let your imagination loose!)

Step 4: The 'big, bad' blockers - what is getting in your way

Step 5: The Gifts - the goals you set for your yourself, and the steps to get you there

I ended the workshop with a few of my favourite success hacks for taking action, which I thought I would share with you here.

1. The 5 second rule - by the wonderful Mel Robbins. If you are procrastinating or delaying to do something (getting out of bed, going for a run, picking up the phone, asking that question) count backwards from 5 to 1 and just do it! Mel's book explains all the psychology behind it but give it a try, it works!

2. Weekly review - make it your Friday afternoon ritual, or you Sunday evening if you need to sync with a partner or family members. 10 mins to review your diary for the week ahead, spot the pressure points, prioritise your goals and above all, your self-care (remember we want premium gas in the tank!). Those 10 little minutes will allow you to start your week with a greater sense of confidence and control.

3. Time blocking - if you haven't already been introduced to the god of productivity, David Allen, then this I believe is his kryptonite, and it MUST be part of your weekly review! Grouping tasks into similar activities (i.e. phone calls, emails, reading, listening, online shopping) and then blocking a period of time for that activity alone. As you go through the week, and new tasks come on board, then you allocate them to your time block rather than swapping and changing between activities throughout the day.

4. Will this matter 10 years from now? - Perspective is our wisdom. And in the midst of a crazy work day, a family crisis, a deadline, it can be easy to lose perspective. This little phrase has saved me from a multitude of dramas and energy zappers. Will this matter 10 years from now? Some things yes, but lots of things no. Use this to help measure where you let your energy go.

5. Feel the fear, and do it anyway - I was 3 chapters in to the book by Susan Jeffers of the same name when I resigned from my executive role in banking. I was terrified. But I had learned that the fear was natural and normal, and to be expected, but that it was designed to keep me where I was - safe, secure, but unfulfilled and burning out. When we normalise fear, it no longer sits like the lion in the corner, but instead becomes more of a mouse (still scary, but also a bit a cute ☺️ )

If you still want to get your hands on the workbook, download it here 👈🏼

P.S. The group coaching program, The Pivot Series, will be launching February (to start after Easter), message me if you would like to be added to the waitlist to be kept up to date with launch!

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