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Dimensionality - what it is, and why we all need it!

Studies show that having more dimensionality in our lives can be a key factor in happiness and stress management.

So what it is!?

Dimensionality is when your life is comprised of a healthy balance of different things. We have all heard the phrase "all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy" - well it seems it also makes Jack a pretty stressed out and unhappy boy too.

When life is dominated by one thing, be it work or raising a family, then our reactions to small events with these worlds are exacerbated. Effectively we make our world smaller, and in doing so we lose some perspective.

Have you ever caught yourself getting irrationally upset about something small that happened that day? Might be a good time to look at how you are balancing your time across work, home and other aspects of life.

How can you create more dimensionality?

  1. Different types of roles - if you work in a corporate environment, perhaps think about volunteering or offering your services in a different capacity. Roles such as school governors, charity trustees, mentors can be hugely rewarding and allow insight into challenges that others may be facing.

  2. Flexing your creative muscles - working in knowledge or service industries can lead to some fixed ways of thinking. By adding a creative activity into your weekly schedule you can tap into different brainwaves and release stress. Writing, art, pottery, and music are forms of creativity that use other parts of the brain, and can help bring better insights into your normal day-to-day activities.

  3. Spending time with different people - it can feel like we spend most of our week with work colleagues. So who else are you spending your time with? Are you having quality time (without your phone or email!) with loved ones? Do you have a group or friends who you enjoy spending time with and who leave you feeling energised? Do you spend time with people from different walks of life? Community groups can be a great source of these - opening up your 'aperture' on life comes from making connections beyond your immediate network.

  4. Change up the environment - if you sit at a desk all day, use your out of work time to get outdoors, do exercise, spend time in nature and moving. Our bodies crave variety physically as well as mentally to stay on peak form.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, and want to talk about how coaching can help you navigate to a place that feels more in control and connected with who you want to be, then book a discovery call with me.


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