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Executive Coaching

I work with a range of clients either directly or through their organisation. My clients are mostly within financial services, professional services and the legal profession. For my corporate clients, I work as part of a panel of coaches which provides the coaches with the opportunity to select the coach which is the right fit for them.

The women I work with are all at important stages in their career, often combining this with significant life events involving their family, relationship changes or health. This might include:

  • C-suite Leaders - realising a vision and empowering it, thinking strategically and working with your eco-system, moving organisation, responding to change and threats, connecting with your why (professionally and personally)

  • Mid-tier Leaders - leading a function, group or country office, empowering relationships and networks, creating a vision (that others will follow), finding your voice - connecting with the type of leader you want to be

  • New Leaders - taking the reigns for the first time, moving from technical expert to managing others, moving from managing to leading, learning to lead

  • Returners - returning to workplace after maternity, sick or carers leave, reconnecting and finding your confidence, drawing a new vision of your work and personal life

  • Pivoters - looking for a new way of working, a new challenge, reconnecting with what sparks you up, rebuilding a vision of you after a significant life event

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