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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is coaching?

Many people will never have been coached before when they come to see me. Or if they have it has been on-the-job coaching or career coaching. Not surprisingly, it can feel quite daunting before you get started. 

During the discovery call, we will discuss where you are right now and what you are looking to get from coaching. I will provide some examples of how we can work together, and describe the process, so that you know what to expect.

If you decide you want to proceed I will provide you with some questions to start to get you thinking about the areas we will work on. For many people at this stage, they find other things coming up. That's fine, we want to make sure that this is about you as a whole person, not just a role or title.

Most clients opt for 4-6 sessions at fortnightly intervals. We will draw on a variety of techniques during sessions tailored to your needs, but all with the objective of helping you gain clarity, connection, and control over what it is you are looking to achieve.

Coaching can be a transformative experience, and most people who have had coaching once will return at significant stages in the life and career. For some once will be enough. But in all cases I aim for you take significant learning back into your life and workplace.

What are your fees?

My coaching work is focussed on the value to the client, so unlike some coaching programs I do not price based on hours spent together.

My fees are dependent on a number of factors and specific to the clients circumstances. This may include for example the length of the program, the level of contact between sessions, and the tools we introduce to the program. We will discuss these on our initial discovery call. 

What do I get with the package?

Each coaching package is uniquely tailored to you, however an example of a 6 session coaching program includes:

  • Free 30 min discovery call

  • Welcome pack 

  • 6 x 90 minute coaching sessions either in person or via Skype/Zoom

  • Between session exercises which expand on the work we do in-session, and help develop your own coaching 'mindset'

  • Access to my online calendar to schedule sessions at a time convenient to you

  • Access to my private online resources page with lots useful information, tips and practices for you to benefit from during and after our work together

  • End of program action plan

  • 3 month accountability check-in 

How and where do sessions occur?

I live just outside of London and whilst the majority of my clients are based in and around the South-East, given my international experience, I also work with clients around the world including the US, Australia and South Africa.

Our initial discovery call will take place via phone or Zoom/Skype. You can book this yourself directly on this site.

There are a variety of options available for the coaching sessions themselves. I aim to provide a mix of face-to-face and virtual, across different times of the day, so that we can accommodate most working schedules and locations.

If there are any questions I haven't answered here, please don't hesitate to drop me a message via the contact page.

Will our sessions be confidential?

Absolutely. The most significant factor in any coaching relationship is trust between the coach and client. Whether you contract with me directly, or through your corporate sponsor, all information shared during our sessions will be treated with the highest level of confidence. For further information please refer to the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics which I subscribe to in my practice.

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