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Eilish Jamieson launches a coaching practice focused exclusively on women's leadership journeys

June, 2019

3 years after starting her own independent consultancy business, Eilish Jamieson has this week launched a coaching practice focused exclusively on women's journeys.

An ex-Goldman Sachs executive who was confronted with the reality of trying to raise three young children whilst managing a demanding career, Eilish says the problem is not the corporate ladders, but the great big dams that are blocking many women's careers.

Eilish believes the problems exists in outdated corporate and societal structures and unconscious biases – presenteeism, old boys clubs, corporate politics, and a lack of appreciation of how a carer role impacts the life of women much more than that of her male colleagues.  

“Women want to be recognised equally for the leadership qualities and strengths that they bring to their roles, without being held back because they are not the same as their male counterparts or because they want to care for their families.” 

Eilish will work with women 1:1 or within her signature group programs, and directly with management teams and boards to evaluate and advise on the strength of their female leaders journeys.

Eilish believes that empowering women, doesn’t just result in more equality, but better business. “Organisations that authentically value everyone’s unique contribution, including those with roles as carers, see increased levels of retention, diversity, employee satisfaction, and bottom-line profitability. More than ever, today’s leaders have a duty to break down the corporate barriers that are preventing all employees, particularly women, from reaching their potential. This is a win win for everyone.”

For more information on how you can work with Eilish, check out her website.

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Eilish Jamieson launches a coaching practice focused exclusively on women's leadership journeys: News
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