About Me

Professional Life

I founded my coaching practice shortly after leaving my corporate career and qualifying as an executive coach. As a experienced leader, board director and adviser I am passionate about using the most effective means of improving diversity and representation in organisations.  I do this through my work in coaching, mentoring, advocacy, and with leading think-tank and executive development organisations.  I am an Ambassador for Women on Boards (UK), a trustee at Plan UK, and a non-executive director at Sport England and the Financial Reporting Council. I have been a guest speaker, facilitator and coach at the ICAEW Women in Leadership program, Kings Business School, and the London School of Economic, and have been featured in publications such as Forbes and Thrive. The common thread in all my work to to help empower, enable, and unlock diverse talent at all levels of organisations.

Corporate Life

My corporate career spanned 20 years working with global financial corporations in London, New York and Sydney, including Goldman Sachs and KPMG. I loved the challenge and the buzz of finance, but like many I was often frustrated by the progress of women in the workplace. By the time I had my third child I was firing on all cylinders, but felt like I was failing on all fronts.

Convinced that there needed to be another way I set out on a journey of career pivots that took me across sectors and entrepreneurship, and allowed me to see and hear from hundreds of women about the challenges they faced in their career. Being naturally curious, my need to understand the causes of barriers, the societal, cultural, and behavioural norms has led me to study some of the most impactful and powerful coaching techniques and tools including psychodynamic coaching, NLP, the science of wellbeing and neuroscience.

Finding coaching for myself

I am often asked why coaching, and in fact I had a late introduction to coaching, and only wished that I had been aware of it earlier in my career. I first worked with an executive coach when I was close to burning out, and was confronted with a stark message from a doctor telling me I needed to get my stress levels down. I was 38 years old, had three young children under the age of 6, and I was working on average 60-70 hours a week (on a flexible work arrangement!).

It was far from ideal. 

The clarity and insights I gained through coaching transformed my thinking and ways of working.  It helped me recognise my own limiting beliefs, and allowed me to make decisions and changes with confidence. I began to acknowledge my priorities and draw professional and personal boundaries. And most importantly, I no longer felt I should apologise for wanting to be the mother I wanted to be. 

Now, I had recruited, managed, and mentored literally hundreds of women in my corporate career and I thought I did a pretty decent job, but I could immediately see that coaching was the missing catalyst in helping many women from realising their full potential. 


I work with women at all stages in their career - from those starting out, through to mid-tier, c-suite, board members, and entrepreneurs. My corporate clients have included large financial corporations, FTSE100 companies, start-ups, regulatory bodies, public sector bodies and charities.

I'd love to speak to you. 

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